VaccineBased Immunotherapy from Novel Nanoparticle Systems Researchers at the Texas Center for Cancer Nanomedicine TCCN are creating particlebased vaccines for cancer therapy The particles carry molecules that stimulate immune cells and cancer antigens proteins that direct the immune response This scanning electron microscope image shows dendritic cells pseudocolored in greenSelengkapnya

A Black male scientist is instructing a Black female high school student in the procedure of southern blotting Single strands of DNA are transferred onto a nitrocellulose filter exposed to a radioactive labelled probe which then sticks or hybridizes to a specific DNA sequence These hybridized sequences will then giveSelengkapnya

Human colon cancer cells with the cell nuclei stained red and the protein Ecadherin stained green Ecadherin is a cell adhesion molecule and its loss signals a process known as the epithelialmesenchymal transition in which cells acquire the ability to migrate and become invasive Download HD Wallpaper Download Now »Selengkapnya

This 2009 image depicts a healthcare practitioner as he was administering the H1N1 live attenuated intranasal vaccine LAIV to an Indian female recipient Using a small syringe he was delivering the vaccine mist into the womans left nostril Download HD Wallpaper Download Now » #pandemic #disease #sick #corona #covid #worldSelengkapnya

Fibroblast A confocal microscopy image of a fibroblast showing the nucleus blue mitochondria red and actin cytoskeleton green As is evident from their large number of mitochondria fibroblasts are very metabolically active continuously synthesizing elements of the extracellular matrix and collagen Tissue damage is a major trigger for the activationSelengkapnya

This 1975 digitally colorized transmission electron microscopic TEM image depicted four avian infectious bronchitis virus IBV virions which are Coronaviridae family members IBV is a highly contagious pathogen which infects poultry of all ages affecting a number of organ systems including the respiratory and urogenital organs IBV possesses a helicalSelengkapnya

This AfricanAmerican man was in the process of dampmopping his homes entrance way In this way airborne particulates including dust and pollen could be removed from the inside of his home thereby reducing the detrimental effects these substances have upon the respiratory system of his family members These irritants canSelengkapnya